#ITBFleanchallenge IS BACK!
For the next month, I and whoever would like to join me, will be following a very strict eating plan. If this guide is followed perfectly, you will feel tighter, look leaner and shed that unwanted fat by the end of the month. You are allowed 1 cheat meal half way through the month. I am not a nutritionist but I have done my research and have many many testimonials. Ask any of the people who joined me last time. On average, in the first 2 weeks there were noticeable changes. Some lost 6-10 lbs and several inches. For those of you who did this challenge please comment your experience here! Like I mentioned in the slide - If its not on the list, you can’t have it but use your discretion. If you can’t have coffee without milk then that’s up to you. Try to do without protein powders and get your protein from natural sources, but again, use your discretion. 
There are many meals and snacks that you can make from this limited list so lets get creative! Over the next month use the hashtag #ITBFleanchallenge to share and see what other people make! Put October 16th in your calendar because we will be posting our before and afters (if you’d like). If you want to take part, I WANT TO KNOW! Repost any slide from my video, use the hashtag and tag @inspiredtobefit! 

Clean out your kitchen because we start Monday! I gave you guys lots of notice so you should all join. Encourage your friends too. It’s a lot easier when you a have partner.

Stay Inspired,

Ronnie aka Inspiredtobefit

Have any questions?

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